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The ultimate guide to boosting employee engagement: Getting familiar with the wants and needs that motivate employees amid the COVID crisis

In a remote, digital age where contracts and business deals are all dependent on a good wifi connection, it’s easy to feel disconnected and disengaged from your team. This guide is to make sure you are covering all your bases when it comes to taking care of your employees.

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High quality work can be interpreted into quantifiable, trackable data. The more common ground shared between employer and employee, the more data there is to analyze. By clearly stating and acting upon business values, you can acknowledge when needs have been met, specifically for individual employees.

Employee recognition platforms can be customized and designed to automatically reward employees and reinforce engaged behavior. While you still may have trouble sharing your screen, make sure to be overtly transparent about the wants and needs of the company.


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If they’re already good employees, invest in making them great ones. When you invest in a person, less in what they can do for you, but more in who they are, you inspire work that is proud and passionate. Employee engagement is all dependent on how successful you are in creating a work environment that promotes the idea and importance of well-being.


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While you may not be physically or financially able to support everyone's needs equally, the social and emotional benefits of providing specialized care adds substantial and unique value to you, your employees, and your brand.


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High turnover rates, loss in morale, and decrease in engagement are all symptoms of tone-deaf management. You have to allow space and time for your employees to share what they believe can help and improve the workplace environment, even if it means ditching traditional procedures and services. Understand your employees as people..


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The ultimate guide to boosting employee engagement


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