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How to Combat Hospitality Turnover with Employee Recognition

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Reasons for high turnover in hospitality

  1. Feeling undervalued
    Think Education reveals that about half (48 percent) of those working in the hospitality, tourism, and events industries feel ‘stuck’ in their job. More than half reported think they should be in a more senior position at work, or are feeling undervalued.
  2. Too few vacation days per year
    Randstad found that 63% wouldn’t accept a job from employers who offered fewer than 15 paid vacation days per year.
  3. Lack of growth potential
    57% say they need to leave their current employers to take their career to the next level.
  4. Lack of pay increase
    82% Eighty two percent expect pay raises every year to stay with their employers

Young (millennial) workers tough to retain

According to a Gallup poll, job-seeking Millennials “are not pursuing job satisfaction; they are pursuing development.” Gallup also concluded that Millennials have “little patience for upward mobility.” In other words, Millennials view their current job as a means to reaching their ultimate career aspirations, and when they no longer feel that they are developing, they look for new employment opportunities.

How to Improve Retention

Drive Employee Engagement, Curb High Turnover Rates
Employers should view their hires as long-term investments–not just for admin level workers–and offer as much career development support in order to keep employees engaged, loyal, and invested in the overall success of the company. Employee recognition is proven to engage employees, boost morale, and subsequently decrease turnover.

Recognition: The Secret Weapon of High-Performing Hospitality Organizations
Develop a recognition program tailored to your organization’s goals, values, and mission and source rewards for exceptional work that your employees want. Your employees are a valuable resource for information. Whether its gleaning direct customer feedback or internal operations, leverage the employee voice to learn what drives them to perform their best and build them into your program. Recognition and gratitude can go a long way in motivating staff. Simple thanks can make staff feel respected, valued, and appreciated. In fact, companies identified as having a "recognition-rich culture" experience 31% lower turnover rates than their peers, and recognition increases employee engagement up to 60%

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