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It’s not me, it’s you: The 2022 workplace trends that are keeping you from attracting and retaining the workforce of your dreams

The workplace trends of 2022 are clear deal-breakers for current job seekers. If you’re having a hard time finding candidates, there is probably a reason why (and it isn’t because there aren’t any). Before you go asking candidates why they want to work for you, make sure you’re giving them good reasons to.

Trend 1 | Purpose

Your values are misaligned. Employees are seeking companies with values that match their own.  Whether you’re defining or refining, finding the underlying “why” within your organization can be overwhelming. We can help manage complicated, purpose-driven projects.


Trend 2 | Power skills

You’re waiting for someone more “qualified”. Become excited about training your good employees so that they become great ones. Use our platform to track employee milestones, promotions, or other on-site skills that keep turnover rates down and your company morale high.


Trend 3 | Employee well-being

You have low standards. While they may have accepted the bare minimum before, employees are now raising the bar when it comes to salary, benefit packages, and their overall wellness. Some solutions are more obvious than others. If you want a quality performance, you’re going to have to pay a premium price. However, not everyone's needs are met with a bonus check. Rewardian is consistently developing and improving our software to encompass more data around employee wellness. We are able to track employee engagement to better understand what motivates employees and their behavior 


Trend 4 | Invite constructive criticism

You’re a bad listener. Finding ways to celebrate with your employees is a great way to show them you value their feedback. Rewardian uses systems and strategies, like gamification. The system’s goal is to get consumers, employees and partners to inspire, collaborate, share and interact with each other. When your employees feel heard and valued, workplace productivity and efficiency increases.


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It's not you, it's me: 2022 workplace trends


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